Social Responsibility

Morshed Alam Foundation

Morshed Alam Foundation is involved in various social activities such as direct or indirect donation to the poor and helpless peoples, monthly donations to various orphanage centers, stands with the people in various natural disasters and also involved in various relief activities including free blanket distribution among the homeless.

Morshed Alam High School

Morshed Alam High School

Established Morshed Alam High School in Nateshwar, Sonaimuri, where more than 1,000 students are educating free of costs for the last 26 years. An ideal child education institute namely – Jashim Uddin Kinder Garden, also established and run by in the same location.

East Nateshwar Mosque

A mosque namely, East Nateshwar Mosque in Nateshwar, Sonaimuri is built for pious people in the area, where hundreds of worshippers can attend at a time.

Started operation with a single hand operated plastic injection molding machine in a rented premise in the old Dhaka by Morshed Alam...